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Give back to open source

The idea is simple: Send 24 pull requests between December 1st and December 24th, encouraging contributors to give back to open source projects with little gifts of code throughout December.

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Angular is an open source web application platform.
GitHub Universe 2021 Highlights in Korean

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GitHub Universe 2021 Highlights in Korean

December 09, 2021 • Online

In this webinar, GitHub staff will share in detail the highlights of the new features announced during Universe21.

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Allow authors of pull requests to set status to pending while still working on it.


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mudasar187 commented Jul 1, 2019

Hi, i'v tested out lazydocker today and i love it!
A feature to have is to have names on the containers where the Services window is.

I have a docker-compose.yml file:

version: '3.7'

    image: mongo
    container_name: "db_app"
      - "27017:27017"

    image: quizgame/webclient
    container_name: "web_app"

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tanvigour commented Nov 24, 2021

Kubernetes cluster cert expires after a year. After the expiration the cert need to be updated. There needs to a way of notifying the user of this expiration through logging. One way could be using Kubernetes events to log the warning at the expiration event. Please refer to the epic for this for more context : dapr/cli#807

Feel free to chime in with more ideas around

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WhiteSource Bolt

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WhiteSource Bolt for GitHub is a FREE app, which continuously scans all your repos, detects vulnerabilities in open source components and provides fixes. It supports both private and public repositories.

We've got you covered with over 200 programming languages support and continuous tracking of multiple open source vulnerabilities databases like the NVD and additional security advisories.