Here’s how the spring 2022 Mercury retrograde will affect your zodiac sign

It’s that time again when the drama flies and exes are lurking!

Mercury retrograde, one of the most popular catchall periods for why everything in your life seems to be falling apart, starts on May 10 until June 3, 2022. During this time of mayhem, expect there to be significant issues especially in the realms of technology and communication.

To make matters even spookier, we have a Friday the 13th this year, too, right near the onset of the Mercury retrograde phase. Friday the 13th, universally panned as a day for bad luck and creeptastic vibes, will bring you the shivers.

However, Mercury has been slowing down since the very end of April, meaning that we’ve been cast into a fog since then. This shadowy vibe will also continue until the middle of June, so take a deep breath and know you’ll get through it!

As always with any Mercury retrograde phase, do your best to lie low, chillax and not stress out! Delays, confusion and drama are sure to be had, but it’s something we’ll all be dealing with. Go with the flow, don’t sign any contracts and definitely don’t launch any big endeavors during this time.

Read how your zodiac sign will be affected below! For more information on spring 2022 Mercury retrograde, check out the information after the horoscopes. Follow me for daily insight or read 2022 predictions for your zodiac sign or your 2022 love life and relationship horoscopes now!


Hold on, Aries; take a step back before you impulsively speak up. This Mercury retrograde is going to be causing a ton of drama in your communications sector, which means you have to be hella cautious about what you email, say, post or agree to. It could end up coming back to haunt you. A writing, speaking or contractual project is going to hit the brakes and spiral off the rails, so try to go with the flow. Toward the end of the retrograde, finances and delays around income will make your head spin. This, too, shall pass.

Mercury Retrograde can cause confusion in our lives.
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When it comes to your finances, you love to always come out on top, Taurus. Except this upcoming Mercury retrograde will be prodding you where it hurts! Confusion around money, income, checks or your job is sure to pop up, so do your best to not have a meltdown. Unfortunately, Mercury is also going to back peddle into your zodiac sign to cause a firestorm of drama across the board. This will make you realize that even though you had everything initially planned out for some personal endeavors, you need to go back to square one. Don’t look at this as a curse—see it as a blessing. It’s giving you the chance to fine-tune your plan of attack.


Mercury retro-hell has returned, Gemini—and you’re the main event (sowwy, I don’t make the rules, I’m just the messenger!). First off, any Mercury retrograde always causes a whirlwind of dramz for you because this planet is your ruler, and any time our ruler is out of whack, we are feeling whack! Secondarily, this particular Mercury retrograde is happening in your zodiac sign, which means you’ll be feeling confusion at every single turn. The best thing to do is to go with the flow, take your time and trust your intuition. Anxiety will be popping off for you toward the end of the transit, so practice mindfulness and give yourself a break.


The universe will be whispering powerful, creepy and anxiety-filled messages to you now, Cancer. Ugh! This is because Mercury will be retrograde in your sector of privacy, solitude, secrets and dreams. Drama from the past that you didn’t know about—or were trying to hide from others—is sure to come out in spades. The best thing to do is to focus on how you can resolve this negativity and release it, rather than continuing to push it under the rug. Your dreams will be hella intense, so listen to their messages. Toward the end of the Mercury retro-hell cycle, you’ll notice some chaos within your friendships and social circle. The secrets that come out could have some people looking teary eyed or seeing red. Stand in your integrity and don’t feed the bad vibe Betty.

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Of all the zodiac signs, you may actually enjoy this upcoming Mercury retrograde phase more than others because it will be spinning in your sector of friendships, group associations and communities, Leo. While—yes—there’s a likelihood of drama within your social circle, especially around disagreements with you and a pal not seeing eye-to-eye, there’s actually a chance to have more fun with your crew. If you want to reconnect with an old acquaintance, bestie or—gasp!—even an ex, you’re in luck to do so. Toward the end of the Mercury retrograde phase, though, you’ll experience a hurricane hitting your professional life, so do your best to damage control then.


Yuck, Mercury retrograde is out to throw shade all over your path once again, Virgo. Every MR phase always feels like a crapstorm for you because your planetary ruler is in charge of always protecting you and your interests. Except when he’s, like, not…because he’s drunk and spinning out of orbit (tragic!). This specific Mercury retrograde is going to cause all sorts of delays and confusion around your career and public standing, so expect to have a 3-week long headache. Later in the transit, he’ll back peddle into an area of your sky that has to deal with chaos around academics, media projects, publishing, legalities or travel. Do your best not to stress. See this as a chance to shift your sails and move in a better direction.

Expect to get the jitters with Mercury retrograde.
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Blegh, Mercury retrograde is back and aiming to kick you where it hurts, so the best thing to do at this time is be nimble (and work on your left hook punch, Libra!). At the onset of this phase, you’ll notice all sorts of confusion around how you planned to go big or go home, especially around academics, a media or publishing project, legalities or travel. You thought you had everything on lock, but uh, nope. Later in the period, you’ll find chaos hits your assets, investments or a settlement—and you and a partner won’t be seeing eye-to-eye. Renegotiate now if you feel you’re not on the same page.


Relationship drama? You? Never! (Lies.) Prepare for a whole whirlwind of it during this Mercury retrograde phase, Scorpio. At the onset, you’ll notice that you and a partner in business or love are not seeing eye-to-eye, especially around what you share, give and receive. The other person may be ghosting, or you may be the one who is trying to fly the coop! This could deeply affect your assets, investments or a settlement—or even just intimacy and having your needs met. Later in the transit, crap will hit the fan with your partnerships even more, so do your best to speak kindly and directly rather than pulling out your knives.


You’ve never, ever, not in a million years ran away from a relationship before, right, Sagittarius? Ha! You’re the first one to do so, never look back and be out the door! This Mercury retrograde phase is going to bring extreme attention to how you partner with others and if you’re on the same page. Exes may even be lurking now or you could find that someone from your past is consistently on your mind. If you’d like to reach out to reconnect—or the very least, bury the hatchet, forgive and move on—you’re favored to do so. Later in the transit, confusion will consume one of two areas: your job and employment or your physical routine and health. Don’t make impulsive decisions.

Let out your inner scream during Mercury Retrograde.
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Big yikes! Mercury retrograde madness is going to shoot you a mean glare from the workplace. This could cause significant delays, drama or confusion around projects on the job, with coworkers or with clients. Expect plenty of revisions, miscommunication and blistering headaches. However, toward the tail end of the Mercury retrograde phase, you’ll notice instead that you’re finding fog around your passions and personal life. An ex may suddenly be prodding you for attention or you could find that you’re daydreaming about the one who got away. If you’d like to reconnect, go for it, but don’t invite a demon into your bed if you’ll regret it, Capricorn! For those casually dating, your boo may be acting amiss.


WTF, Aquarius! Your romantic life is going up in flames! Confusion around dating will be at every turn. This will affect those who are casually dating more than long-term partners, but expect to notice that the spark you had or plans you’d been looking forward to spin off the track. Do your best to connect from a sensitive angle, not a sassy one. This could also affect you in a slightly different way by bringing back exes or old flames for you to face. If you’d like to reconnect, go for it! Last, at the tail end of this transit, dramz around home, family or real estate matters is sure to sneak up on you.


Siiiiiiigh. Mercury retrograde is ready to stir the pot in your home, family or domestic life, Pisces. If you’ve had very specific plans you’re looking to push forward, they may suddenly be delayed. On another account, you could realize that something is not what it seems and there’s miscommunication written all over the place! Approach this with a calm and collected approach rather than being cranky. Later in the transit, you’ll notice difficulty around a writing, speaking or contractual matter you thought was under lock and key.

How will spring 2022 Mercury retrograde affect us?

Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind, will retrograde—or move backwards—in two different zodiac signs in the spring of 2022. He will initially begin to back peddle in the skies of Gemini. This will bring dramatic confusion to our daily lives and bring attention to how we may miscommunicate with those we interact with regularly and in the world around us. Be cautious with everything that you write, post, email and say—especially on social media and in how you brand yourself.

Later in the transit, Mercury moonwalks into Taurus, which will bring confusion to how we utilize our finances and resources, as well as establish ownership. Uncertainty around worth and self-worth are also quite possible. On a global scale, this retrograde will bring a lot of attention to social media, global finances and the economy. No matter what, do your best to breathe through the drama and know that this, too, shall pass.

Are there important dates to watch during spring 2022’s Mercury retrograde?

  • Mercury entered pre-shadow in Taurus on April 26, 2022.
  • Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on May 10, 2022.
  • Mercury retrograde will re-enter Taurus on May 22, 2022.
  • He will station direct in Taurus on June 3, 2022.
  • Mercury will leave post-shadow on June 18, 2022.

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