Embrace lady luck and witness miracles as ‘guardian angel’ Jupiter enters Aries

Get ready for miracles to happen as you charge forward to take the lead—just don’t get left behind!

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will soar into the fiery skies of Aries, bringing a whole new slew of blessings to your life. Jupiter allows us to grow exponentially depending on where he flies and acts like a secret guardian angel, ensuring that you have hope and can make your dreams come true.

A whole new chapter of your life is beginning, encouraging you to charge into new territory. What will you create?

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Prepare for a whole new chapter of your life to begin, Aries. As Jupiter enters your zodiac sign, you are the luckiest zodiac sign of all at this time! Look at this as the beginning of a whole new era for you, filled with happy beginnings, blessings and fresh horizons. However, this isn’t a time of major culminations—it’s a period when you’re beginning anew rather than wearing the crown for past endeavors.

You’re starting new journeys, planting new seeds and envisioning what you’d like your life to look like in the decade ahead. Expect to feel more optimistic as you experience a whole surge of growth in all areas of your life. Vision board what you’d like to create, dream of endless possibilities and set forth to make them happen. Many Aries will fall in love, meet soulmates, reach new personal milestones or get pregnant, so enjoy the bright days ahead.

Jupiter will ignite in Aries.
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As Jupiter dances into the most private part of your sky, you’ll find that your spiritual world expands, Taurus. You will be divinely protected by the universe, as if a guardian angel is guiding your every step. Now is a perfect time to lie low, heal anything that you need to and reflect on your past decade. The universe will be speaking to you via your intuition, dreams and synchronicities. Also, expect your creativity to thrive during this period, too. You will spend a great deal of time reflecting on how you can develop and grow, what is most important to you and how you can pursue personal development. Some Taureans will begin working on important projects behind-the-scenes, preparing for a big debut in the years to come.


True happiness awaits you on so many levels, Gemini. As Jupiter dances into your sector of fulfillment, you could be reveling in both personal and professional victories. A whole tribe of people will applaud your efforts, surrounding you with their love and support. This period could even bring some of your dearest hopes and aspirations into reality, too, so dream big and speak up for what you’d like to manifest. Another lovely way Jupiter will be supporting you is by shining his light on your social life and network, likely helping you to connect with many friends and meet benevolent new ones. Consider how you’d like to expand your network and know that the soulmates you hope to meet are out there also looking for you.


Professional growth and expansion is guaranteed for you, Cancer. As Jupiter dances at the crown of your sky, you will have major opportunities to pursue your ambitions. Rewards, awards, promotions and applause for previously completed work is likely to manifest during this time. Hustle hard now and you’ll make huge improvements in your professional life, too, as VIPs and bosses find you to be the most promising of candidates. Unfulfilled in your current trajectory? Take a moment to assess what path would truly make you happy and move in that direction now.


Feel the excitement of adventure filling your heart and spirit, Leo! As Jupiter aligns in a fellow Fire sign, you’ll find great progress on personal and professional goals, as you are able to soar in new directions and attract wisdom at every turn. Many Leos will decide it’s time to go back to school or update their certifications, which would inevitably make you even more competitive in the marketplace. Other Leos will instead decide it’s time to open up their minds via travel and exploration, perhaps even immigrating at this time. Last, if you are involved in media or publishing, expect some milestones to be at hand.

Jupiter in Aries will bring a much more fiery pace to life.
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Feel warmth and growth in your relationships, Virgo. As Jupiter dances into your sector of shared assets and intimacy, you’ll find that your happy and healthy connections become even sweeter. Sensuality, trust and vulnerability will improve, as you can open up more deeply than before. However, this same period could instead focus you on wealth and prosperity, as you are able to see your assets, investments, settlements or royalties thrive exponentially. An inheritance, scholarship or venture capital could also be right around the corner.


Prepare for your partnerships to be filled with joy, love and harmony, Libra. As Jupiter spins across the sky from you, you’re set to experience true closeness in relationships. Existing happy unions will grow even more as you take steps to the next level—such as moving in, getting engaged or even being wed. Business connections will also prosper too, so if you’re looking for the right one-on-one collaboration or teammate, they could also be looking for you! Last, if single, be on the hunt for someone with long-term potential. The stars are saying your other half could cross your path.


Get ready for an exciting and productive time, Scorpio. As Jupiter jazzes up your sector of employment and routines, you’ll certainly see a happier flow to your work-life balance. New milestone projects may cross your desk or you could find a better job or more clients who value your services. Another sweet way that you’ll enjoy this vibe is you’ll have stronger physical health, so if you’ve been plagued by problems, expect more strength. Make adjustments to your fitness and diet regiment and you’ll find progress happens rapidly. Last, since this same area of your sky rules pets, you may find more enjoyment with your little pal or decide to adopt a new one.

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As Jupiter turns a corner to become ignited in your sector of passion, you’ll feel your heart and euphoria erupt like fireworks, Sagittarius! You are set to have one of the sweetest times ahead as you see luck around fun, hobbies, romance, creativity or fertility. Some Sagittarians will meet a soulmate—so if single and ready to mingle, put yourself out there! Existing couples can have a blast, too, if you use this energy to bring back the spark in your rapport. No matter what, allow yourself to enjoy the sweet vibes from the universe and pursue what makes you happiest.


Happy news is sure to come around home, domestic and family affairs, Capricorn. With Jupiter bringing fortune to these areas of your life, you’ll feel more at peace and on stable ground. Some Capricorns may relocate, move, renovate or redecorate—all of which would make you so joyous. If involved in real estate or wishing to be, this auspicious vibe could also aid you in that, too. Last, if you’ve wanted to spend time with your kindred, you may feel more laughter, love and sharing surround you. Get ready to make many happy memories.


With Jupiter igniting your sector of communications, you’ll find that your mind becomes filled with visionary and exhilarating new ideas, Aquarius. You may soon find that you embark on milestone writing, speaking, advertising or social media endeavors, blasting your vision and thoughts to the world. Important contracts could also soon be attracted to you. Another sweet way this could affect you is around travel, giving you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and explore many new adventures.

Jupiter will venture through Aries in both 2022 and 2023.
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The universe is turning, Pisces, and now it is set upon gifting you more money. With Jupiter dancing in your prosperity sector, you will very soon find that wealth and income is attracted to you like a magnet. This may foretell a raise, new job, side hustle or more clients, bringing you more abundance at every turn. Also, with more cash in your pocket, you’re also likely to invest in some beautiful new possessions during this time, too.

How will Jupiter in Aries affect the world?

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, growth and blessings and it spends roughly 12 to 13 months in each zodiac sign. It takes about 12 years for it to go around the sun, and wherever it soars, it brings great joy to that particular area of our lives.

In Aries, Jupiter’s energy will become fervent, passionate and immense. Aries is a CardinalFire sign, which will encourage us to pursue our core desires, charging into newfound territory to create the life of our dreams. We will feel our inner confidence ignite, as we are eager to conquer the world around us and stand up for our opinions, ideas and beliefs. Reinventing our lives, taking chances and stepping up as a leader will all be of interest to us at this time.

Those that are direct, courageous, entrepreneurial and innovative will fare especially well now. To maximize your luck, seize the day to start new journeys, projects and chapters and you could rapidly see your entire life shift around you.

Some shadow aspects to watch out for, though, are to not step into arrogance or too much impulsiveness, as we may clash with others or lose steam if we don’t plan for the long-term.

When will Jupiter be in Aries?

Jupiter dances into Aries from May 10, 2022 until October 28, 2022. It will return one final time from December 20, 2022 until May 16, 2023. It will not return for over a decade.

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