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How much more proof do we need that NY's justice system is a sham before Dems wake up?

City Councilman Joe Borelli questions why NYPD officers such as Dennis Vargas keep getting shot by criminals springing from jail thanks to the Democrats’ bail laws.

An astonishing turnaround in New Yorkers’ concerns is bad news for Democrats

Headline after headline, day after day, week after week, New Yorkers are tired of hearing stories about our rising crime problem. They are sick of feeling unsafe, and they are...

London proved congestion pricing is a disaster -- but NYC is pushing it along anyway

Congestion pricing, the great white whale that transportation activists have been chasing for decades, is coming to New York City.

New Yorkers can thank Dems’ catastrophic climate policy for skyrocketing energy bills

If you listen to Con Ed, the spike in your bill is a direct consequence of the rising cost of acquiring natural gas, due to its global supply and demand.

NY redistricting shows Dems don’t care about voter rights, only consolidating power

Make no mistake: Eliminating Republican competition for elective office was always the Democratic Party’s endgame.

City commission outlines smart, fair property-tax reform — now state must act

A state law capping the yearly increase at 2% does not apply to New York City, which is why, in part, our levy has increased about 75% in a decade.

City Council’s non-citizen voting plan shows the far-left’s contempt for New York's electorate

Four years ago, newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron made a triumphant return to New York City, where he had courted votes from French expatriates nearly a year earlier. “Reviens!...

Save our city: Fix a property-tax system everyone knows is broken

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. We waited nearly two years for the New York City Advisory Commission on Property Tax Reform to release a...