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'It might happen again': Robb Elementary student never wants to return to school

Jayden Perez told CNN how his teacher locked their classroom door and ordered her students to “hide and be quiet."

Over $1.8M raised for slain Texas teacher, husband who died of broken heart

The GoFundMe was launched to raise money for the four children of teacher Irma Garcia and her husband Joe.

Video shows husband visiting hero teacher wife's memorial hours before he died 'of broken heart'

Joe Garcia, 50, on Thursday morning placed a vase of red roses at a cross bearing the name of his wife, Irma Garcia,

'Biggest fake news story in Canada': Kamloops indigenous mass grave debunked

Since last year’s announcement of mass graves of over 200 indigenous children, there have been no excavations at Kamloops nor any dates set for any such work to commence. Nothing...

Parole recommended for California follower of Charles Manson

A California parole panel recommended the release of Patricia Krenwinkel for the first time Thursday, more than five decades after she and other followers of cult leader Charles Manson terrorized...

Florida mom charged after baby drowns in bathtub while she does nails in next room

A young Florida mom has been charged in the death of her 7-month-old son who drowned in the bathtub while she left him unattended to do her nails.

'Stop playing' with Russia, end war: Zelensky tells West

Zelensky criticism of the West has mounted in recent days as the European Union moves slowly towards a possible Russian oil embargo.

There's plenty to do Memorial Day weekend and the weather looks great for most

A Memorial Day tradition is returning to Long Island, New York, this weekend and the weather looks like it'll be great for the holiday.

Alec Baldwin announces death of his mother, 92, in heartfelt post

Carol Baldwin, mom of the 64-year-old actor and his five siblings, died in Syracuse, New York -- the same town where she was born and raised, went to college and...

Lee Greenwood and others back out of NRA concert

Performers are fleeing from playing at the NRA's concert as part of its annual convention following Tuesday's school shooting in Uvalde, including country singer Lee Greenwood.